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Hey Clashers

Happy New Year from our staff team! We wish you all the best for 2017. We have so much planned for you guys.
Goodbye 2016 and Welcome 2017!

CLASH ON! Cya in 2017!
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Hey Clashers!

We've got an exciting new update today. We've added many new cards, including FLYING cards! This should greatly add to the different strategies you can use!

We've also added our first Legendary cards for those of you that are SUPER lucky!

Here's a list of all the new troop cards added tonight:
  • Minions
  • Minion Horde
  • Mega Minion
  • Three Musketeers
  • Balloon
  • Golem
  • Ice Wizard
  • Lava Hound
In addition, we've bumped up the chance to get Rare structure cards a LOT, so those of you that were having trouble upgrading the blacksmith and barracks should have an easy time!

Our next update shortly after Christmas will add the Gem Shop, several other new troops, and a few new structures for your castle. Tower Cards are also in the works for troop battles, and will be out soon.

Keep an eye out for holiday sales if you are interested in picking up some of the new troops sooner rather than later! You can now buy Clash King in our store! Check it...
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Hey Clashers!

We've got another small update for you tonight!

You will now be assigned a rating for Troop Battles. Everyone starts at 1000 rating and your rating will fluctuate based on your wins and losses. We've also added matchmaking based on rating, which should help people find more appropriate opponents!

Coming in the next update, we will also be adding leaderboards to the Kingdom's cities, so everyone will be able to see who the greatest battlers are!

The server will be entering BETA soon now that everything is getting more stable. Once we enter Beta we will be adding a ton of new cards, and starting our first Beta troops season. The highest rated players at the end will get special prizes, maybe even something from MrCrainer himself.

Get out there and become the greatest! Clash On !
by Ashijin at 12:23 PM
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Hey Clashers!

We've got another small update for you tonight with some new features!

Here is an overview of tonight's update:
- You can now see the stats of other players by typing /stats <name>
- All donor Legendary Items (/dp) now have special effects and abilities.
- Improved Combat Logging prevention
- You can now reply to cross-server messages by using /r
- Increased rare drop chances in crates
- Many bug fixes around the server, especially to Castles

We hope you enjoy this update. As usual, please post any bugs or issues you encounter on the forums here. We hope to have another feature update out very soon! Clash On!
by Ashijin at 2:48 PM
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Hey Clashers! We've got another big update for you!

This one includes some cool new features as well as some quality of life improvements!

First of all, we have the new Lumbermill building! This building generates Structure Keys for you, allowing you to collect new structure cards from crates. Collect enough cards to unlock new upgrades for your buildings!

With the Structure Cards now available, you can now upgrade all buildings to level 10.

We've also made the following quality-of-life improvements:
  • Ender Chests are now cross-server
  • Added a /stats command to view your stats
  • Added tracking for several new stats
  • Added some Combat Logging protection for PvP (more coming soon)
  • Using /claimkey now collects all available keys at once
  • Increased drop rates of rare thing, especially items from Equipment Crates
  • Added several new hidden cards to find!
This update also includes numerous bug fixes. As usual, please report all of your issues on the forums...
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Castle Update | More Keys | Nerfs 12.5.16

Hey there Clashers! We've rolled out another awesome update!

You all have been asking for this for so long, and we finally have it. You can now finally level-up your castle! WOOP!

We have also added a Castle Steward to your castle! He will keep you company. When your right click him it will open up the main castle menu where you can do stuff such as purchase structures, expand your land, and much more! When you first go to talk to him he will prompt you to relocate to a new castle, which we do recommend you do. If you do so, you'll be teleported to a larger and better Kingdom!

We've also officially added the Blacksmith Structure (Generates Equipment Crate Keys) and the Barracks Structure (Generates Troop Crate Keys)! After several hours, these structures will pop out Crate Keys that you can use over at the Card Crate area in your city! Opening a Crate with an Equipment Key will grant you items such as armor,...
by Ashijin at 11:32 AM
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Hey Clashers! I wanted to let you know personally that we've heard you loud and clear, and you can now get all sorts of goodies for winning Troop Battles! When you win, you will now have a crate-like lottery window pop up that will determine the prizes you get. You can get bonus gold, gems, and any kind of crate keys! You no longer have to wait for your First Win of the Day bonus.

Yes, you can even get golden crate keys from winning!

We will also be adding other new and exciting ways to earn keys (and other rewards) soon. Stay tuned for more big updates!
by Kurdie at 10:30 AM
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Hey there CLASHERS!

We've got a HUGE new update! And boy is it an awesome one!

10 new troops! That's right.. TEN!

The troop cards: Skeleton Army, Skeleton, Giant Skeleton, P.E.K.K.A., Mini P.E.K.K.A., Musketeer, Valkyrie, Witch, Arrows, and Zap are all now available!

Common Cards (Primarily found in Wooden Crates) - "Arrows", "Zap", and "Skeleton" Cards.

Rare Cards (Primarily found in Silver Crates) "Musketeer", "Mini P.E.K.K.A.", and "Valkyrie" Cards.

Epic Cards (Primarily found in Golden Crates) - "P.E.K.K.A.", "Witch", "Giant Skeleton", and "Skeleton Army" Cards.

Since you can now open up different troop crates, you're now able to unlock the "Fireball" card as well, which is a Rare card!

As of now, the only way to obtain keys is a rare chance on your first win of the day (we'll be adding more ways to earn them very soon!)

If you'd like to get...
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Castle Clashers Content Update 11.27.16

Hey there CLASHERS! We're rolling out our first major update! WOOH!!

This update is going to include these features:

✔ Donators now have access to the Donator Mines! Head over to the area next to The Caves to get access to them!

✔ New Friends System! Type /friend and check it out! /friend add <ign> to add a friend! Once you have a friend added, click on your friend's head in /friends to be able to go to your friend's castle! You can only go to their castle if they're in their castle however. You can also edit if you'd like your friend to be able to build/place at your Castle by doing /friends, clicking on their head, and clicking on the lever. No griefing on our watch!

✔ You now win/lose Gold by troop battling! If you win a battle, you take a small percentage of your opponent's Gold! If you lose, a small percentage of your Gold will be given to your opponent.

✔ Crate keys are now in an early testing stage! Right...
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We've finally got the website up! Hazaah!

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